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Results 1 – 13 of 13 Steel Making (EDN 3) by Chakrabarti, A. K. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. 1) A. Ghosh and A. Chatterjee; Ironmaking and steelmaking. 2) R. Tupkary Modern methods of steelmaking. 3) A.K. Chakrabarti: Steelmaking. Lecture 9. STEEL MAKING Third Printing Edition by Chakrabarti A K from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On.

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This technique is being increasingly used for hot metal production, which has till date, been dominated by the traditional blast furnace method. These improvements can come only through the diverse refinement processes that together comprise “secondary steelmaking.

It is also a must-read for researchers, technologists and process metallurgists engaged in the rapidly developing field of direct reduction of iron oxides, which is of critical importance for India and other developing nations that are beginning to play a major role in global steelmaking. A variety of chapter-end references would enable teachers and students to get acquainted with the extensive knowledge already available in this field. This text emphasizes the underlying metallurgical principles of casting technology so that the students can develop a sound set of analytic skills, helpful in the development of improved casting processes and products.

The book is primarily focused to meet the needs of undergraduate metallurgical students and candidates for associate membership examinations of professional bodies AMIIM, AMIE. For his contribution in the area of oxygen steelmaking and direct reduction, Dr.

The book is primarily focused to meet the needs of undergraduate metallurgical students makinv candidates for associate membership examinations of professional bodies AMIIM, AMIE. It maoing also be of immense interest to researchers and technologists engaged in the subject of smelting reduction of iron oxide. He taught and conducted research at IIT Kharagpur for nearly thirty years.

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It then focuses on explaining the fundamentals of smelting reduction before proceeding with a critical appraisal of the various smelting reduction processes that are currently available. It begins by acquainting the readers with the current worldwide status of ironmaking, followed by the classification of the various smelting reduction processes.

In the area of steelmaking, BOF plant practice including pre-treatment of hot metal, metallurgical features of oxygen steelmaking processes, and their control form part of the book.

The book is intended mainly for undergraduate and postgraduate engineering particularly metallurgical engineering students seeking an insight into this emerging ironmaking technology.

The future of this methodology in India and in the rest of the world is discussed in the concluding chapter. The steelmaking industry and its customers have benefited enormously from the many significant technological advances of the last thirty years.

Steel Making is designed to give students a strong grounding in the theory and state-of-the-art practice of production of steels. The book is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of metallurgical engineering. Elaborate the physicochemical principles involved in steel making Explain the operational principles and chakraborgy of the modern processes of primary steel making LD converter, Q-BOP process, and electric furnace process Provide a summary of the developments in secondary refining of steels Discuss principles and practices of ingot casting and continuous casting of steels Emphasize an increasing need to protect our environment and utilize waste energy Explain transport processes, simulation, and chakkraborty relevant to the developments in steel technology.

The book covers the details of this rapidly emerging method that holds particular relevance for countries like India, endowed with relatively large reserves of high grade iron ore but unfortunately, not matched by the availability of coking coal.



It would also benefit M. It also covers basic open hearth, electric arc furnace and stainless steelmaking, before discussing the area of casting of liquid makint casting, continuous casting and near net shape casting.

He started his professional career in the steel industry in Germany, chakaborty by over 39 years of distinguished service in Tata Steel, from where he superannuated in late Continuous Casting of Chakrabortg. The book provides considerable information in an easily assimilable form and makes an ideal introduction to the complex subject of steel technology. Chaphoa Wangno Certified Buyer 3 May, The book offers comprehensive coverage and critical assessment of various coal-based and gas-based direct reduction processes.

It would also be immensely useful to researchers in the area of iron and steel. Particular emphasis is laid on the understanding of the fundamental principles of the processes and their application to the optimisation of actual processes. Beginning with a brief introduction to the historical perspective and current status of steel making together with the reasons for obsolescence of Bessemer converter and open hearth processes, the book moves on to: He taught and conducted research at IIT Kharagpur for nearly thirty years.

Review of the Older Steel Making Processes: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Third Printing, Pages: This authoritative account covers the entire spectrum from iron ore to finished steel.