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30 Nov The PNDC law , is a Ghanaian law, which was passed in and amended in It is a right to property law, which protects the spouse. 27 Apr Nkwanta (V/R), April 27, GNA-The Intestate Succession Law (PNDC Law ) has largely succeeded in bringing justice to many surviving. 25 Aug Kumasi — The much-touted Intestate Succession Law, PNDC Law of , has come under sharp criticism because it has drastically.

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They are afraid of physical and emotional abuse, and being neglected by in-laws means that many do not challenge the traditional practice. It applies to self-acquired property after which has been bought, inherited or would have been inherited, gifts or awards.

Works On Madina-Adentan Footbridg I look forward to reading from you. B Asante, Traditional Leader and Paramount Chief of Asokore Asante, recounting his experience over the 30 year period, said the institution of the intestate succession law was informed by the fact that customary 11 make inadequate provision for the wife and children of a man particularly in a matrilineal society.

Moslems urged to kick against PNDC Law 111

It is a right to property law, which protects the spouse and child ren of an interstate deceased, by devolving the existing house and some percentage of the of the remaining estate to the spouse and child ren Below is the link to the PNDC Law Please kindly go through. In terms of alleviation from poverty and marginalization, such laws pdnc do a world paw good. In most instances, the woman is seen as property to be inherited by a man.

Samuel Edet 29 November, A brother of the deceased man has a right to inherit the widow and all property of the deceased man. What are the benefits? That’s a great idea Doreen! Login Your session has expired. Thus way, they walk into any decisions they take fully aware.

Thanks to your explanation, I see that the law in itself us good, but Women are unable to speak out and speak Please login to continue.


If a woman’s husband dies and she is given a significant portion of the wealth, she will be able to educate the children properly, who in turn will become professionals in the future and in turn help the society progress. Africa Investment Forum According to him, the millions of marriages and divorces that have been celebrated or performed in Ghana in accordance with Islamic procedure and rites are not valid, because they are not registered under CAPsince the legislation which dealt with pnrc devolution of property of a Moslem who died intestate has been repealed by Law What tradition and cultural norms are contending with this law What do you think?

Explaining how the plural legal system had come as a challenge in Moslem marriages, Abbas said before Law was enacted, the only way a Moslem could have Islamic law to apply as his personal law in matters of inheritance to property was to get married under CAP A widow desires to keep a conflict-free relationship with their in-laws because if she has female children, they cannot marry without the consent of their patrilineal uncles and extended family.

Its not bulky https: With Law in force, any Moslem who wished to have Islamic law apply to the transfer of his property had to make a will to that effect at great pnec hiring of a lawyer and risk of having it tampered with. Mr Stanislus Amanoipo, Kadjebi District Magistrate made this assertion at a workshop for Chiefs, Queenmothers, Assembly members and students in the Nkwanta district to enhance their capacity in resolving issues pertaining to inheritance in their communities.

;ndc far as CAP is concerned, any Islamic marriage or divorce is not regarded as such, unless it has been registered in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

PNDC Law 111 – justice to rural based spouses

Dies it really protect the woman with regards inheritance? These traditional succession plans instill fear in women. It recognizes the spouse s of pndcc deceased, their biological or adopted children, surviving parents and the customary family, prioritizing spouses and children. Hopefully, you take it as your 11 when you are selected a champion. Also, with the widow being able to access her late husband’s properties, she will be able to use invest in profitable ventures that will benefit the society and not be a liability to anybody.


PNDC Law – justice to rural based spouses | General News

Catch up on the latest news videos from around the world. Login Not a member Register. The ministry of justice should also go about creating awareness especially among the rural women about their rights. The Law provides a uniform intestate succession regulation in Ghana.

I doubt many people from Ghana are even aware of this law. There are traditional succession plans, depending on the ethnic group, that are contrary to the statutory law. Submit Not a member Register. Hello from Nigeria, Going by when this law was passed, lae was quite pioneering. Each choice made by the widow has consequences. You continue to inspire us!

Government to Amend PNDC Law – Government of Ghana

More Quotes Submit Quotes. Fiifi Oduro-Nyarkoh 30 November, Mr Amanoipo however, stressed the need for families of the deceased to be united in securing that document. Information Services Department P. This was so because the courts held in Phdc Versus Tuba that religious law cannot be the personal law of any Ghanaian, unless a statute provided it for.

Mr Amanoipo said it was essential that bereaved families secured “Letters of Administration” for the one to distribute the property of their deceased relatives. This article has 6 comment sgive your comment. Use your social media or use your email. The Intestate Succession Law PNDC Law has largely succeeded in bringing justice to many surviving spouses, especially rural based women and children on the death of their husbands and fathers.