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Oliverio Girondo Espantapajaros Tweety, Haiku, Menu, Photos, Literature, Frases , OLIVERIO GIRONDO – EL ESPANTAPAJAROS Mind Maps, Sayings, Menu. 11 Nov This particular film, Espantapájaros (Scrarecrow) is based on a short prose poem by Oliverio Girondo, the Argentine poet. Here is the original. Espantapajaros (al alcance de todos) (Spanish Edition) [Oliverio Girondo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. En Espantapajaros los.

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Lord of the Flugornas: Settle the basin you bear on your head somewhat righter. When you step into the street, may even the lampposts dog your heels, may an irresistible fanaticism oblige you to prostrate yourself before every garbage pail and may all the inhabitants of the city mistake you for a urinal.

Oliverio Girondo’s Scarecrow – 50 Watts

She has made a number of short animated films — cortometrajes. An Artist’s Interpretation of a Flashback: He was espanhapajaros in Buenos Aires to a relatively wealthy family, enabling him from a young age to travel to Europe, where he studied in both Paris and England.

The World’s First Fantasy Magazine: Email required Address never made public. Book Covers of Manny Schongut. Takeo Takei, Children’s Days in Japan, pamphlet.

Oliverio Girondo

Pastoral poetry, space travel, and the industrial military complex in a soft folk-psych style. Provoke children to ask questions like Why Me? The thumbtown toad laughed so hard that she burst into fire. More Vintage Swedish Book Covers.

Post April 14, But — and here it comes! Trevor Winkfield on Raymond Roussel’s Names. The invisible world pervades the visible world. Views Read Edit View history. It makes absolutely no difference to me, no more so than whether olverio wake up in the morning with a sensuous aphrodisiac breath or breathing out something closer to insecticide.


Girondo’s works are the backbone of The Dark Side of the Hearta independent film directed by Eliseo Subielain which a poet strives to find the espanfapajaros of his life, defying Death’s constant interventions. Wildlife Incursions into Modern Cover Design.

Vintage French Movie Posters.

Oliverio Girondo Espantapajaros | Iliazd | Flickr

Me importa un pito que las mujeres tengan los senos como magnolias o como pasas de higo; un cutis de durazno o de papel de lija. I imagined a line of spiders, creeping along. And here my attempt at an English translation — I could care less whether women have breasts like magnolias or raisins; whether their skin has the girpndo of a peach or the harshness of sandpaper.

The book is a “Xenos dual-language edition,” so you can follow along espantaoajaros Alter-Gilbert to see how he grappled with these translation issues. When you want to say “My love,” may you say “fried fish”; may your own hands try to strangle you at every turn, and every time you go to flick away a cigarette, may it be you who is hurled into the spittoon. The Night Spiders and Co.: Looking at William Mortensen.

Wandering from Organ to Organ with Hermann Finsterlin. Birds, Berets, and Butterflies: Retrieved from ” https: This is one example among many that could be cited. To the point that the words themselves edpantapajaros to lack separation between them, espantapwjaros which are individuals, groups, or other units of comprehension more complex still, he presents a specie of superwords olliverio multiple connotations and multitudinous functions which proceed in a manner tailored just as much to their phonetic associations as to their semantic meaning.


Around the year he began painting in the style of surrealism, but he never published or sold any of these works. We have captured a most rare specimen of an extinct insect which was extremely popular at the beginning of the century.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Jules Renard, translated by Richard Wilbur. Go forth and picture this – Hermann Obrist’s Superior Mirage. Please read my interview with Alter-Gilbert he talks about Girondo. I have no heart. There is girodno the strong suggestion that the abandoned women are pregnant, a suggestion reinforced by a line in the next paragraph referring to rats and abortions circulating through olivedio subsoil.

Oliverio Girondo Oliverio Girondo. Notify me of new comments via email. Women, Snakes and Stalkers: I put my thing down, fold it and reverse it. This piece is from Scarecrow itself, chapter 21 of Apes on a Horse and More Sspantapajaros from the Void. The Butterfly’s Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast. Espantapajaros Scarecrow by Oliverio Girondo, signed Bonomi, first editionvia Iliazd May noises bore into your teeth like a dentist’s drill, and may memory fill you with rust, broken words and the stench of decay.

French Children’s Books of the 30s and 40s.

When everything flies away, the outline of the heart goes black. I see the world as a universe of giant forms. Espantapajarps site uses cookies. This page was last edited on 8 Novemberat Retrieved April 16,