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20 Oct Find the link below to download a PDF of Sri Krishna Ashtottara Shata Namavali, a list of holy names of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna. 3 Sep names of Lord Krishna. Download this pdf. ?attachmentid=&stc=1. shrIkRRiShNAShTottara shatanAmAvalI ||} OM shrI kRRiShNAya namaH | OM kamalA-nAthAya namaH | OM vAsudevAya namaH | OM sanAtanAya namaH |.

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Om Lila Manusa Vigrahaya Namah 8.

Om Narakantakaya Namah Om Navanita Nataya Namah Om Visnave Keishna Om Kotisurya Sama Prabhaya Namah Om Sarvagraha Rupine Namah Om Sisupala Siras Chetre Namah By joining our Free Brahmin Community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members PMrespond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Om Govardhanacaloddhartre Namah Om Drisaya Namah Om Daya Nidhaye Namah Om Tamala Syamalakrtaye Namah Om Kubjakrstambara Dharaya Namah Om Damodaraya Namah Om Kama Janakaya Namah Om Trnikrta Trnavartaya Namah Om Yoginam Pataye Namah Om Bhisma Mukti Pradayakaya Namah Om Navanita Viliptangaya Namah Om Dhenukasura Mardanaya Namah Thanks for sharing it.


Posted on Tuesday, January 26, By: Om Yadavendraya Namah Om Visvarupa Pradarsakaya Namah Om Satya Vace Namah Most Viewed Threads Think or sink!

Om Caturbhujatta Cakrasigada Sankhambujayudhaya Namah Om Punya Slokaya Namah Om Jagannathaya Namah Om Banasura Karantakaya Namah Thanks a lot Regards, B. Om Sarva Bhutatmakaya Namah Om Kamala Nathaya Namah 3.

I could download the ashtotharam. Om Parijatapaharakaya Namah Om Gitamrta Mahodadhaye Namah A poem a day to keep all asytothram a Om Govindaya Namah Om Niranjanaya Namah Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today!

Om Subhadra Purvajaya Namah Om Madhughne Namah Om Vidurakrura Varadaya Namah An excellent site where one can avail of info on all slokas and mantras for important events like avani avittam etc.