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We have arrived at a time where we are moving beyond a fossilized, purely academic way of seeing things and opening the doors to freedom for the human race. The Keppe Motor is a highly efficient motor that uses the principle of electromagnetic resonance to optimize its efficiency. The idea was put forward that there is a particle of matter — the atom, the smallest particle — composed of two particles plus a neutral element formed by the fusion of protons and electrons.

But materialism is our inheritance from about years of science bent on eradicating anything to do with spirituality — which they termed superstitious — from their theories. Oil and coal generate destruction. I found a demonstration of a motor, and a web site. Where is All the Free Energy.

What everyone does not know is that there was a big mistake made by Einstein on this ekppe principle. I don’t mean that in a ‘well, you never know’ sense. Truth About Energy and Matter. One of the inverted institutions that locks us into an inferior perspective is modern science. Because something changed in science.

electromagnetism – Is the Keppe Motor “real”? – Physics Stack Exchange

Analytical Trilogy and the Keppe Motor. The Energy of Life. Hmmm is all I say. So, when ignoring the disinverted metaphysics nonsense, I end up with just a simple motor with a fancy name? From kepoe the truth about energy and matter, to discussing the true source of energy, to examining the enormous impact of psychology on genetics, Keppe clarifies science and disinverts its incorrect metaphysical orientation.

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What is Keppe Motor?

Understanding The New Physics. Sterling Allen visits Factory.

Visit the official Keppe Motor website here. A Keppe Motor pump running on a solar panel. Spanish, Italian, German, French and Swedish.

Or just bull… just a motor that consumes less energy motof its coils are turned off half of the time? To fund his ambitious project, he turned to the foremost financial wizard of this day, J. This is supposed to be the users forum, and not many beating a path to the door. Visit the Book Store.

Keppe Motor featured on Good and Green Radio. Its makers say that it’s mofor highly efficient motor because it resonates with what they call “Essential Energy”, which is free energy that is everywhere in space.

But a lot of this is already a reality. Lecture in Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Forget it, it is just a trick to get at your money. It encompasses the inversion in science that causes us to look at matter as the source of energy an dso miss out oeppe some more advanced technologies that were started, ironically, over years ago.

Keppe Motor in Germany

You will also mofor that this pump run as a generator too and how this can enable the development of regions with water shortages, like India motorr the northeast of Brazil. In this landmark book, Dr. As written, and taking the context in mtoor, one could argue that the claim is deceptive. Our lauded scientific worldview is seriously incomplete.

The link you give is nonsense as far as energy balances. Norberto Keppe disagrees with Einstein and all the principles that insist on exploiting natural resources to generate energy. The Italian Engineer Raimondo Cuoccolo is the Technical Director of DeLorenzo do Brazil and has worked extensively in our technology department over the past year and has been enthusiastically sharing his technological experience and developing educational keppf and seminars throughout Brazil and around the world.


I am inviting the new physicists not to be so ashamed of speaking of God, the most immense Being of all, and to leave behind the mediocrity in which they have placed themselves.

Watch this program to better understand what we are dealing with here and the incredible benefits this discovery will bring to mankind. Norberto Keppe answers this question here.

For centuries, the greatest geniuses considered the ultimate creative force of God fundamental to understanding of anything.

Purchase the book The New Physics here. Caused by the same thing that wireless cell phone chargers use to work? A oeppe lack of anything in the peer review literature is a warning sign. If a machine gives more energy output than input, the theory will be found soon enough. You can purchase a motor kit for USD, which consists of a coil former, two ring magnets, a reed switch and a toggle switch.

Norberto Keppe outlines the basis for a new physics that transcends keple postulates of Newton and Einstein and even the proposals coming from the realm of quantum physics.

Also, there are larger standard 9V batteries, like the P Physics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.