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Erichsen cupping test has usually been used to determine the height of the cup at the moment of sheet metal fracture, defined as the Erichsen Number IE. Abstract—Modified Erichsen cupping test is on of the currently used formability test, which evaluate the ability of sheet metal to be formed into useful components. This Cupping Test Machine is especially designed for an easy and quick quality and international standards mentioning the ERICHSEN Cupping Test.

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Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine

There are a variety of cupping testers, ranging from the manual to the fully automated, and from single substrate to multiple substrate testers. However, generally they consist of a solid metal base which forms a circle over which the coating is tested. The results of height measurements were presented for three different grades of sheet metals used in the automotive industry: Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.

It is when cracks start to appear that the lacquer or coating’s durability dupping be recorded, this durability is known as the coating’s flexibility rating.

Extended evaluation of Erichsen cupping test results by means of laser speckle – ScienceDirect

The cupping tester operates by using a punch to push upon the unpainted side of a coated panel until the painted side shows signs of deformation cracks in the coating. For example, if a coating needed a certain flexibility rating, then the tester would be set to a depth in accordance with that rating, without the need to deform the coating until it fails.


Lowering of manufacturing costs by making spot checks on the drawing quality of cold rolled sheet during production or in the process department.

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Cupping tester

This testing machine is available as a work-top model with compact dimensions which requires only a minimum of space. From Please enter Mobile Erichzen. Sorting out of material of lower quality arriving at the Goods Inwards Department. For this purpose, a method of localized necking detection was developed. Parameter LN-IE can be helpful in formability comparison of different grades of sheet metals.

The paper presents a proposal of using Erichsen cupping test to determine the additional parameter — the height of the cup LN-IE at the moment of localized necking in sheet metal, which usually precedes fracture of sheet metal. Cupping testers are employed in the testing of the elongation and deformability of lacquers and protective coatings applied to metal substrates. The dimensions and tolerances of various machine parts and the test requirements conform to IS Please enter Mobile Number.

The necessary control elements are clearly laid out on the front panel. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.


As the testing machine is equipped with the function “automatic stop at specimen failure” the cupping procedure is automatically interrupted when a crack appears so that an objective test result will always be achieved. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Abstract Erichsen cupping test has usually been used to determine the height of tesr cup at the moment of sheet metal fracture, defined as the Erichsen Erichsn IE. The testing machine, Modelis suitable: Please enter your name.

The Machine conforms to lS: It can be used for testing the adhesion, elasticity, and porosity of coats of paints or varnish by way of comparison.

It dupping based on the phenomenon of laser speckle. This Machine testt designed to reveal the cupping qualities of metal sheets and strips. When carrying out the Cupping Test the sheet metal specimen in the form of a strip is inserted in the test cylinder and centralised by locating diagonally.

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Often this facility is necessary for testing thicken sheet metal panels in order to achieve a cupling defined crack in conformity with the standards.

The test can also be performed according to a predetermined depth. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. Author links open overlay panel A. Number of Employees 11 to 25 People.