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The Balanced Embouchure, by Jeff Smiley: a dynamic development system that’s The back of the book holds a CD with Jeff’s students playing the exercises. His book, “The Balanced Embouchure”, is now available. It is the core text of a projected series of books dealing with unique dynamic range of motion exercises . Glancing at the four photos of trumpet players on the cover of Smiley’s book It’s been brought to my attention that The Balanced Embouchure isn’t about a.

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As for the notes that are higher still, they understand how to get them – and exactly what tools embojchure use – if they choose to put the energy into it. Ideally, this approach balanecd work the quickest, prompting the unconscious mind to organize all of the details between beginning and end. There are other blog posts here that cover this in more detail if you search for them.

Regarding not trying the method, read above. On the side note, it seems like there is a big disconnect between brass science and the application of the science to help real students. I found that specific roll-in and roll-out movements are the answer. Dave, Mebouchure playing in 4th grade. He is clearlynot qualified to recommend health advice.

Until then, all we have are logic and reasonings to judge. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Was it hard to do? Halfway through, they stopped him.

I am happy just tooting away and watch me continue to progress without trying to analyse it too much. Also what you feel is right now, may be defunct later. Without having a balnaced understanding of brass embouchure function, practicing the exercised contained in The Balanced Embouchure are going to be hit or miss at best.


What misconceptions do I need to correct? The college reps showed up at his high school a few weeks later, with piano player in tow, at the groggy hour of eight o’clock in the morning! This particular target, by the way, is often ineffective because there are a lot of ways to blow faster air, some obviously more efficient than others. All of them play unconsciously, often from an early age, and do not understand the stages of development a typical player must go through to make progress.

He got a full scholarship, a free ride for four years. Since music educators are the gatekeepers of the system, any attempt at reforms must go through them. Created by Blog Copyright. I think the whole point of the book is that lips and embouchures are far more similar then previously thought. Leon Merian was a player with gorgeous tone through out his range and fronted a big band into his eighties yet he tongued through his lips not just up against his lips as BE seems to recommend but all the way through.

Air resistance must be there along with air power. Briefly, Smiley feels that positioning the tongue at times so that it touches the lips can provide valuable feedback and help position the embouchure appropriately. My chops still weren’t great, but at least I could perform.

Joy on the Balanced Embouchure

Likewise, I find that one of the most serious shortcomings of his book is the lack of accurate descriptions of how brass embouchures actually function. Many are very fine players. Back to your review. My experience is exactly the opposite, especially regarding tone quality.


A Rebuttal to my Balanced Embouchure Review. I showed this chapter to a friend who is a licensed S.

The Balanced Embouchure: A Review – Wilktone

How is “The Balanced Embouchure” different from other methods? You might do well by simply balanfed a different teacher to work with for a while. You might find that this works better in the long term.

I had learned a wide assortment of techniques bag of tricks that embiuchure me to help just about anyone, although the laws underlying those techniques universal principles were yet a mystery. Could you point me to some research on embouchure that is used in academia? Anyway, my first reaction was, can it really be this simple?

Tongue On Lips (The Balanced Embouchure Way) – Trumpet Planet

It may sound impossible, or seem more likely that I just got lucky. My students have proven, time after time, that it allows positive change to take place more easily. The forward tongue position you describe works very well for some vook. Any chance you can post the page number or a quote?

Tongue On Lips (The Balanced Embouchure Way)

There is some misleading information in there, and quite a bit that is demonstrably wrong. That means that you do the exercise and let the lips integrate the new motions into the normal playing without you thinking about it.

I did my own research via youtube, old photos balances.