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Functions of Highlife Ghana Music. Music industry if one fastest growing industry in the world. African countries are not left behind and competing with the western nations favorable even after abolishing their traditional music. One country that has contributed significantly is Ghana through their highlife music. It is a blend of the ancient Akan rhythms and western musical elements and instruments. Highlife Ghana music is significant in Ghana society in some ways. The articles contain some of the roles that have been played by highlife music to the Ghanaian society. Highlife music has been mostly used by Ghanaians to pass messages. Many people listen to highlife music because of its melody, text, and rhythm. The popularity of highlife music in Ghana has been used as a platform for the artist to air their political options and emotions to the Ghanaian society. Some of the songs also contain information about the rules and morals of the Ghanaian and their socials life. The commerce sector of the country has taken advantage of popularity of the song to make advertisements of products. Therefore, the most efficient to pass a message to the Ghana society is through the highlife songs. The only remaining symbol of the old Ghana music is highlife music. The traditional music was undermined by the exposure to western music and introduction of religion. Highlife songs are the only existing songs in Ghana that has elements of the old music. One of the traditional elements in highlife music is the Akan rhythms. Although the music is played using western instruments, it is the only existing kind of music that contains the Ghana musical culture.
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The growth of highlife music industry has also resulted in the generation of income to the country. Highlife music attracts listeners from different corners of the world. The highlife live concerts are always visited by foreigners who pay to enjoy the music. The money paid by the foreigners find its way to the government bank accounts through tax, and it is in turn used for development. The highlife albums are also being sold in foreign countries. The music is a unifying factor in Ghana since almost all the citizens listen to it.
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The common purpose of music is entertainment. Since the rhythm, text, and melody of the song please many people it means they enjoy listening to the songs. Common entertainment places such as clubs and bars usually play the highlife music. To make the music more entertaining the artist have produced videos about the songs. The dances included in the videos are usually traditional and western. Thus, highlife Ghana music is very significant in the Ghanaian society.

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