How to Turn Your Garage into a Useable Space

People tend to dump all kinds of junk in their garages: it may even get in the way of parking. However, a bit of organisation and smart shelving can transform it.

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Lose the Clutter

First, decide what you want to keep: this frees up space for storage. Be ruthless to create the maximum area, and sell or donate the unwanted items.

Think about a secure storage unit for seasonal sports equipment or other items.

Paint Scheme

Paint both the floor and walls to do the area justice. This will protect against mildew and make it easier to clean. It will now be a welcoming place you will want to keep in good shape.

Map Out Your Area

Think about how you are going to use the space and what tool storage you need. Draw a plan that aims to achieve the best use of space.Motorcycle, Motorbike, Garage, Workshop, Tools

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Group items such as DIY tools, gardening equipment and car parts in the same place to help you find items more easily.

Introduce Shelving Units

Freestanding shelves are best. They are strong and durable, and metal units can withstand the extremes of temperature in a garage.

Box smaller bits and pieces, and clearly label the contents. Heaviest items go on the bottom shelf, while most-used items go at eye level.

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For some further ideas, see:

Using Pegboards

Pegboards are great for keeping tools within easy reach and tidy.

Magnetic Strips

For simple and neat storage, magnetic strips are a good option. Metallic knife strips can be used for storing drill bits, scissors and screwdrivers.

Little Drawers

A small chest with pull-out labelled drawers can organise nuts and bolts. Transparent plastic lets you see what you are looking for.

Garden Tools

A straightforward peg rack is what’s required to keep your tools organised.

Ceiling Issues

Think about your garage roof. If the ceiling has some height, you may discover some clever storage spaces.

Wire racks or plastic containers with rails work well. However, it is probably best to store less used items here.

You could put hooks in place for storing bikes and sports equipment.

After all this, your car should manage to fit in too! Clutter quickly builds up again, so stay on top and always put things away after use.